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What Are The Benefits of a Septic Tank?

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There are several benefits to having a septic tank rather than mains drainage. The two-tank system efficiently deals with waste, using natural processes to separate liquids from solids. Waste is then dealt with by a professional septic tank emptying service every 3-5 years.

But low maintenance is just one of the benefits of using a septic tank. If you’re concerned about your environmental impact then a septic tank could prove the right fit for your property.

Go greener

Unlike mains drains, your septic tank won’t contaminate groundwater by leaking raw sewage. The treatment process relies on naturally occurring bacteria to break down waste matter making them an eco-friendly option.

As a result, the waste water won’t harm the environment and could generate its own ecosystem of plant growth to support animals, birds and insects.

Be water aware

Using a septic tank means you’ll become far more aware of water usage and what can and can’t be flushed away. Instead of clogging the sewers and creating fatbergs, you’ll learn to become more responsible about waste and water use.

Creating good habits doesn’t just help the environment as you’ll also save money on your water bills.

Easy to use

You won’t need any special training to use a septic tank. In fact most of the time you won’t know it’s there. Sewage tank emptying will be dealt with professionally and regular inspections will keep your tank functioning perfectly.

A properly maintained septic tank can last for up to 50 years and you won’t have to worry about escalating waste management and water bills.

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