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Septic tanks are sophisticated systems built to break down
organic waste, but sometimes they need their biological
systems rebooting. This is where targeted use of seeding
comes in, and M. Gaze has the knowhow to get your
system firing on all cylinders.


Jumpstart your septic tank

Septic tanks are critical waste management tools for both residential
and commercial premises. For properties which are not connected to
mains sewer systems, septic tanks are vital components that require
regular maintenance to ensure they continue to do their job effectively.

Septic tanks are complex systems that rely on nature to break down
and digest organic waste. However, every now and then septic tanks
encounter problems, one of them being a process failure which means
it can no longer break down its contents properly. There are many reasons
why this might be happening, one of the more common being excessive
growth of unwanted microorganisms.

Bio-seeding can provide the solution to the problem. Often used to
‘jumpstart’ the biological system, there are two major ways in which
bio-seeding is carried out. Dry seeding uses pre-prepared bacteria cultures
(in powder form), while wet seeding takes sludge from an existing
treatment plant that contains the desired microorganisms.

M. Gaze is able to kickstart your septic tank should it run into problems.
Our expert team will be able to first identify the problem with your
tank and, if solvable by seeding, will plant the right bacteria into the
system to get it up and running again.

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