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Blocked drains can be a nightmare for businesses and
require costly repairs if left unchecked. Our fast, efficient
and reliable services are here to help you quickly unblock
drains, prevent future problems, and leave pipes working
like new.

What Causes Blocked Drains?

Blocked drains can happen for a number of reasons.

  • Fat, and oils solidify and cause a build-up within the drain whether in the home or commercial premises.
  • A build-up of items that are non-flushable items. These items build up and block the drains.
  • Weather and storm damage or natural events such as tree roots can cause drains to become blocked.  

Blocked Drains at Home

If your blockage is in a home drain, the blockage could be a sign of an underlying problem within your drain. Even when the blockage has been cleared with a plunger, this could be a sign of a larger issue. We would recommend using M Gaze to check if the underlying blockage has been removed.   

Blocked Drains at Work

M Gaze will ascertain the best cause of action to unblock the drain. In most cases high-pressure drain jetting will unblock the drain. Other options include using our tankers to vacuum the blockage from the drain. We will also undertake CCTV drain surveys to determine whether there are structural problems within the drains to ensure that the blockage doesn’t happen again. We specialise in unblocking drains at commercial premises in the hospitality industry such as pubs and restaurants. As well as large-scale food producers and factories that produce a lot of waste resulting in oil and grease being deposited into drains.   

How do M Gaze unblock drains

Homes, commercial and industrial premises all rely on sound drainage systems. When blockages occur, the risk of flooding and damage to buildings increases, making it important to stamp these problems out as soon as possible.

However, while clearing blocked drains may appear a simple task, it can be surprisingly difficult to locate blockages after a problem with your site or residential drainage has been detected.

This is where M. Gaze and our drain camera survey is here to help. We are able to scope out blockages in hard to reach places, providing you with the information you need to act decisively and resolve the problem.

Our camera, which is remote operated and mounted on a 120-metre long cable, allows us to extend coverage into difficult to access spaces. Blockages, drain collapses and joint faults can be quickly identified, allowing you to arrange remediation.

For blockages, we deploy one of our specialist hi-vac or jet-vac tanker units. Whether you are a domestic homeowner, facilities manager or business owner, our residential and commercial drain unblocking services are here to support you.

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