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Environmental Issues and Policy

M. Gaze & Co Ltd are constantly updating resources to save energy, reduce wastage, promote re-cycling and avoid damage to the environment. We work closely with environmental and government bodies and believe that caring for the natural habitat is an essential part of improving the future of the global, national and local environment.

The principles of our environmental policy are set out below

Our Checklist

Our management commitment is to make sure that all staff are aware of the need to care for the natural environment.

Doing all we can reasonably and practically to protect our natural habitat.

Managing our resources to save energy, reduce wastage, promote recycling and avoid damage to the environment.

Consulting with a wide range of local organizations and individuals with an interest in environmental issues.

Energy saving schemes, making staff aware of switching appliances, lighting and the like off when not required.

Regular monitoring of our activities and review of our policy.

Advising our customers of how to control and store waste more efficiently, reduce unnecessary spillages of special wastes and the like.

To work closely with the environmental agencies in a bid to reduce pollution and waste to landfill.