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How Much Should You Pay to Empty Your Septic Tank?

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People who live in cities or suburban areas tend to take sewer systems for granted. However, if you live in the countryside, you’ll understand the importance of septic tanks.

If your sewers don’t lead to the main drains, your home will need a septic tank for things like toilets, baths and dishwashers to drain into. These tanks need to be emptied around once a year.

When a septic tank contractor comes to empty your tank, they will supply their own specialist equipment to clear the tank and dispose of the contents safely. There are a few factors that contribute to the overall price of emptying your tank. Some of these include:

  • Size of tank
  • Type of tank
  • Accessibility
  • Location


The larger your septic tank, the longer it’ll take to empty. Due to larger tanks requiring more labour, this increases the cost to clear.

Pricing can differ from company to company. Some will charge per 1000 gallon for emptying, while others will produce set prices for a particular size tank.

The size of your septic tank depends on the requirements of your property. More substantial properties and households need larger septic tanks to cope with the amount of waste. Simply put, the more sewage created, the larger the tank needs to be.


Septic tanks are made using a variety of materials. These include brick, concrete and more modern materials like fibreglass. The most common type of septic tank in the UK is the onion shape, and there are also cylindrical tanks that are a popular choice too.

Onion tanks and other cylindrical septic tanks usually have two chambers. However, older masonry or brick-built septic tanks can sometimes have three chambers.

Some average costs to empty more modern septic tanks are:

  • 3000 litres – £130
  • 4500 litres – £200
  • 5000 litres – £230
  • 6000 litres – £265

Some average costs to empty older masonry or brick septic tank are:

  • 3000 litres – £150
  • 4500 litres – £230
  • 5000 litres – £250
  • 6000 litres – £300


When the tanker arrives to empty your tank, there should be clear access for it to get close enough for the vacuum hose to reach the bottom of the tank. Any obstacles, such as garden furniture or fence panels, may need to be temporarily removed.

Septic tanks should be installed within 30 metres of an access point. This shouldn’t be an issue unless the tank has been in its original place for a long time.

A lack of preparation for the arrival of the emptying tanker, such as arranging for a parking permit or not advising of narrow or low access, may affect how much you pay for the service.


The location of your property will influence most services that you need for maintenance on your home. Emptying your septic tank is no different.

Your septic tank is likely in an area where there’s no access to any main drains in the vicinity. A rural location is to be expected. Some properties may be in remote areas and incur extra costs. In some places, access to the property itself may be challenging, for example, narrow lanes or weight limits on bridges.


The amount you should pay to have your septic tank emptied can vary depending on the size and type of your tank. Factors such as accessibility and property location can also influence the cost. Anywhere from £120 going up to £300, again depending on size, is considered a fair price.

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