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How Often Does A Septic Tank Need Cleaning?

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  • December 22, 2021

If you own a home with a septic tank, emptying it regularly will be one of your household jobs. But how often should you do this and what warning signs should you look for?

Let’s look at why septic tank emptying is so important for homeowners in Norfolk – and, indeed, the rest of the UK.

Taking care of your septic tank

Maintaining your septic tank is important. You can overload the system by using too much water – so cutting down on showers, baths, laundry washes, and taking care not to leave taps running will help.

Eventually you’ll need to hire a septic tank emptying specialist. But by limiting water usage – and refraining from flushing away oil, grease, or other clog-inducing matter – your tank will function better for longer.

When to clean your septic tank

Experts recommend emptying your septic tank every three years. But this figure is only for guidance and will vary depending on (i) how often your tank is used and (ii) how many people live at your property.

Larger households use more water. This puts pressure on the septic tank – which will need emptying more often and in line with industry guidance to ensure optimal operation. 

Contrastingly, a single person living in a smaller property might only replace their septic tank every ten years. You can now see why it’s hard to give a specific figure.

Failure to pump out your tank will have dire consequences. Do you really want effluence bubbling up out of your tank or creating a backlog in your drains?

Signs to look out for

How do you know when to call a septic tank emptying company in Norfolk to prevent expensive (and unpleasant) problems from occurring? 

Here are two symptoms you can’t afford to ignore:

Overflow around your tank

You’d be hard pushed not to notice the pungent odour caused by sewage under your lawn, in your drains, or overflowing around the area near your tank.

If you notice these things happening, don’t waste another minute – because it means there’s a blockage. If left unattended the issue could damage not just the tank, but also your home.

Slow toilet or washing machine

Have you ever wondered what happens when you flush waste through a septic tank? First it travels through the pipes. Then, once it reaches the tank, the matter separates. Liquified content is diverted to the drainage pit. Heavier matter, meanwhile, sinks to the bottom and becomes sludge.

Sludge isn’t a problem if the tank is emptied often. Failure to call a septic tank emptying firm in Norfolk will result in a blockage. That blockage will, in turn, slow down your toilets, washing machine, and drainage systems.


The problems discussed are preventable and easy to spot. If your flushing systems or drains have become sluggish – or you’ve noticed effluence in unexpected places – contact a waste management specialist and ask them to visit your property. 

Our family run business has been septic tank emptying in Norfolk and the surrounding Sussex areas since 1988. We’d be delighted to offer further advice – so contact us today to ask us a question or book an appointment.

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