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Our Guide to Commercial Waste Collection & Disposal

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Our Guide to Commercial Waste Collection & Disposal

Every business generates waste that needs to be collected and disposed of. In this guide, we’ll answer the most common questions about commercial waste collection and disposal in the UK.

What is commercial waste?

According to government guidelines, any waste generated by your business is classed as commercial waste. You have a responsibility to dispose of it in compliance with current guidelines.

What waste does your business produce?

Follow the government guidelines on disposing of waste including food waste and hazardous waste. You may be required to use a specialist commercial waste disposal company to safely dispose of high-risk waste.

Who collects commercial waste?

Local Council

Your local council will provide a local city waste management collection service that can deal with some commercial waste.

While this can sometimes be cheaper than using a specialist commercial waste collection service, the council may not provide the disposal services you need. If they contract out to a third party you may find the waste they handle changes frequently.

Specialist business waste collection service

Using a specialist service delivers a dedicated and efficient service. They’ll be able to deal with all your food and industrial wastes as well as general interceptor waste service for processing and recycling.

Although this may be more expensive than using services run by the council, an industry-focused service ensures your business is compliant. In addition, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from using a complete waste solution.

The benefits of commercial waste management

Commercial waste management is the savvy choice for a greener and more efficient business. At M. Gaze & Co we offer a complete solution for all your commercial, food and industrial waste. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

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