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Package Food Recycling Plant

Sending waste food to landfill is not only inefficient and expensive, but also produces emissions of methane, a greenhouse gas which, molecule for molecule, traps 25 times more of the sun’s heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. When bacteria breaks down organic matter in the absence of oxygen they produce methane, therefore as waste is compressed in a landfill site the organic materials decomposes anaerobically, producing methane gas.

We shred our waste, meaning the end product is returned to production as drain and guttering or other containers. We also provide a service for the recovery of glass, cardboard and wood.

M. Gaze & Co. Ltd. can safely transport goods with security with peace of mind. We keep complete and accurate records for all waste accepted onto site, from collection to destruction. Our 24 hour manned CCTV can be called upon at any time so that a client can have video evidence their products have been safety and efficiently dealt with. We also provide our clients with full paperwork and destruction certificates. Along with our specialist machines, there is also a Tautliner which provides secure, in-house transport for all waste products from start to finish, effectively providing total waste security.