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Reduce Your Businesses Waste & Dispose of It Properly: Here’s How

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Reduce Your Businesses Waste & Dispose of It Properly

Commercial waste management is an efficient way to cut operating costs and green your business. If you want to reduce business waste and dispose of it properly, a few simple changes can make a big difference.

Have a waste audit

Start by evaluating every process that generates waste from the office to your supply chains. Can you switch to recyclable products? Do you encourage recycling with dedicated bins? And are they always full prior to disposal? Time spent on an audit can save money in the long run and make your business greener.

Reduce packaging

We generate over a third of waste from packaging alone. Eliminating single-use packaging and reusing and recycling packing materials like cardboard boxes and pallets is a simple way to reduce waste.

Go paperless

Going paperless in the office is about more than saving trees. Reducing the use of paper in your office to bare essentials can save you costs on storage space and reduce your printing bill by up to 50%. Your square footage is valuable so reducing, recycling and reusing waste can make a big reduction in your operational costs.

Change your business waste collection

Leaving your commercial waste disposal to professionals can be more cost-effective than consigning your waste to a landfill. Using a dedicated service for the collection and disposal of solid waste keeps your business compliant with regulations and helps you meet your sustainability targets.

If your business needs help with commercial waste collection M. Gaze & Co provide a complete waste solution. Contact us today to find out more.

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