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Specialist Equipment

Operating with the most advanced technology available

Operating nationwide M. Gaze & Co. Ltd. have pioneered several new system designs and handling techniques to meet the diverse environmental demands of industry.

Our tipping tankers and 4000 cfm liquid-ring pump system are leaders in their market. The liquid-ring pump sucks up dry powders, cements, sands, sludge, ballast, stones, brick, rubble, concrete and grits. And our units lift waste materials where worker access is restricted and high-lift services are required.

We have perfected our high pressure water jetting to provide an effective method for cleaning tanks, interceptors, sewers, culverts, drains and pipes. The system can also be used to prove drains and sewers and to clear away or locate blockages or collapses in pipes before excavation. Adjustable up to 5000psi operating pressure our jetting units are designed to suit a wide variety of work situations. The units carry water supply so are totally independent of clients’ facilities and can also power up to 12 jet guns fitted with caged or un-caged cleaning heads. Water powered flails are also available for specific work where required. The units are complemented by a 1000 cfm liquid-ring vacuum pump so that recovered material can be lifted from the work-face.

Jetting operators often work in confined and restricted access spaces, because of this M. Gaze & Co. Ltd. have built several bespoke safety features into its systems. These include, a permit-to-work procedure, an inertia reel recovery winch fixed to the operator’s belt, a dedicated vacuum pump to remove foul air from the work-face, air fed hoods supplied with filtered air from the on-board compressor, two way radios, emergency breathing apparatus and oxygen meters for testing the ambient air before and during operations.